Getting Started

Getting started with your Teconnex Advanced 100 power battery

Teconnex Power Advanced 100 batteries have been designed to offer easy and convenient integration with your existing camping, marine or static off-grid environment. 

Our downloadable user manual will take you through the important steps to become familiar with the product, followed by how to use and care for your battery. 

The in-built intelligent battery management system ensures the Advanced 100 always performs to the highest optimum level possible, and uses the available real-time environmental data such as the load being placed on the unit, the operating temperature, and the current state of charge of the battery to constantly manage the product.

Visual performance and direct control of the Teconnex Power Advanced 100 is easy to perform by connecting to the battery using the Bluetooth enabled smart app for applicable Android or Apple devices.

Please remember to read the entire Teconnex Power Advanced 100 User Guide before installing or using the battery. 

Settings, capacity and operation of the Advanced 100 may be different to other products used previously.

Step 1: Click the button below to download the Advanced 100 user guide.


Step 2: Click the button below to access the product registration page.

Warranty Registration

Step 3: Click the button below to download the product data sheet.


Download the Teconnex Power Smart App