Advanced 100Ah Lithium Leisure Battery 12.8V (LiFePO4)

    The Teconnex Power Advanced 100 offers double the operational performance at half the weight of a typical lead acid battery. 

    Our 12.8V Lithium Batteries are designed to provide energy storage capacity efficiencies in the range of 95%, compared to lead acid batteries that struggle to achieve even  50% of this. 

    • Industry-leading battery life -  Lasts more than 3x longer than typical lead-acid batteries. 
    • Super lightweight - Approximately ⅓ of the weight of a lead-acid battery at only 11.4kg. 
    • Long-term performance - Grade A assured LiFePO4 cells provide long-term product performance. 
    • Safety features - Inbuilt battery management system protects against overcharging, deep discharging, overheating and short-circuiting. 
    • Added control - Clear visibility and user control via the Bluetooth-enabled Android and Apple IOS app. 
    • High-quality components - Made from the best materials available for quality you can rely on.

    Made in the UK - Designed and developed in the UK by Teconnex’s expert team of engineers.

    • Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
    • Nominal Capacity at 25°C: 100Ah
    • Energy Efficiency: >98%
    • Resistance at 50% State of Charge: ≤30mΏ
    • Nominal Energy at 25°C: 1280Wh